A growing family needs a growing home

The most common reason for any family to want a renovation is space. A new family member has just joined you or after so many years the storage is overflowing, these all end in needing to extend your home.

Multiple ways of expansion

We can help you decide on the best way for an extension to your home, this can be a single-storey extension of a new room or two, a double or multi-storey extension, a complete second-storey extension or even a lift & build under.

Home Extensions Gold Coast and South East Queensland

Talk to one of our staff members at JSC Constructions so that we can help you decide on the best direction when thinking about getting a new extension done to your home.

  • Living area renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Garage to bedroom conversions
  • Bedroom renovations
  • Storage expansion
  • Dining and Living renovations
Looking for renovations on the Gold Coast or South East Queensland?